Giorgio Rocca - Artist Profile

Giorgio Rocca

In 1968 he moved with his family to Turin, where he continues the studies attending the State Artistic High School “Renato Cottini”. Guided from master Luigi Delleani, that transmits him the taste for classic painting, well acquainted with knowledge of several techniques,in particular the use of painting oil and the glazing. Rocca achieves the diploma of Artistic Maturity in 1978. In 1979 he partecipates to the first collective exhibition of painting and graphic.
He carries out for some time an activity of graphic, executing some works in advertisings field.

In the meantime he begins to attend the study of the elder siblings Luigi and Lucia, painters already asserts, that guide him in the improvement of the techniques, allowing him to cheap essay writing service continue an intense search and experimentation activity.

In this period he executes different studies and reproductions of classic works, dwelling in particular upon the stylistics search of the great Flemish and Spanish painters of XVII century, masters in the representation of still life, of which he appreciates and he shares the tiny precision of sign and careful realistic execution of the details.
He paints for various galleries and art merchants. He participates to some exhibitions as in Italy than abroad. His painting in particular is characterized from the somewhat rigorous description of composition reasons of remote and nostalgic memory, to which he is strongly bounded, nearly to wanting to recover a by now last world substantially but still for he never fascinating and meaningful how much.

 Currently he lives and he works in Turin.

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