Sacre Coeur, Midnight - Henderson Cisz

  • Blooms In Autumn

    Blooms In Autumn

  • Sur La Rive

    Sur La Rive

  • The Pink Bouquet

    The Pink Bouquet

  • South Bank In The Autumn

    South Bank In The Autumn

  • Ceus Azuis

    Ceus Azuis

  • Lunch On The Green, (Paper)

    Lunch On The Green, (Paper)

  • Twilight Amsterdam

    Twilight Amsterdam

  • Market Street, San Francisco

    Market Street, San Francisco

  • Twilight, Ponte Di Rialto

    Twilight, Ponte Di Rialto

  • Lamplight, South Bank

    Lamplight, South Bank

  • Exeter Cathedral

    Exeter Cathedral

  • New York Central

    New York Central

  • Vegas Lights

    Vegas Lights

  • Gandy Street

    Gandy Street

  • Silent Reflections

    Silent Reflections

  • Waiting to Sail

    Waiting to Sail

  • Evening Calm

    Evening Calm

  • The Living Coast

    The Living Coast

  • Postcard From Paris

    Postcard From Paris

  • Times Square In Bloom

    Times Square In Bloom

  • Afternoon In Venice

    Afternoon In Venice

  • Midtown View

    Midtown View

  • Lunch On The Green, (Canvas)

    Lunch On The Green, (Canvas)

  • Vacation In Venice

    Vacation In Venice

  • Flower Stall, Manhattan

    Flower Stall, Manhattan

  • Sydney Harbour

    Sydney Harbour

  • Paris In The Snow

    Paris In The Snow

  • Times Square At Twilight

    Times Square At Twilight

  • Winter Palace

    Winter Palace

  • Romance In Paris

    Romance In Paris

Henderson Cisz

Henderson Cisz

Winner: Artist of the Year 2007 & John Solomon Trophy Winner 2007

Born in Brazil in 1960, Henderson Cisz grew up in a small village near Maringa. His talent for painting was clear from as early age, but he never considered pursuing a career as an artist. Instead he entered the banking profession and continued to enjoy painting as a hobby.

By the mid 1980s however, Henderson Cisz had become convinced that art meant more to him than banking! In 1986 he moved to London in order to study painting, and to make his passion his profession. He has never looked back and now paints full time in his London studio.

A seasoned traveller, Henderson Cisz has spent time in Europe, Australia and of course his native South America. While he loves the ocean and has always found it a source of inspiration and joy, he is also a true city-dweller, and many of his most inspirational works feature scenes from the world’s most beautiful cities. Painting in acrylic, oil or watercolour on canvas, Henderson Cisz’s trademark palette utilises cool, soft tones to convey the atmosphere of his subject. His works are regularly displayed in London galleries and at international art fairs.

“I love the effect that weather has on the urban landscape and must confess to a particular fondness for the rain! Not only does it cast interesting shadows and reflections on the slick sidewalks, but it also dictates the stance of the figures. Their slightly defensive postures and hunched shoulders lend a very specific, and to my mind curiously engaging, mood to the overall scene.”

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