Midnight Sky - Duncan MacGregor

  • Silent Motion II

    Silent Motion II

  • Moonlit Sailing III

    Moonlit Sailing III

  • Four Sails

    Four Sails

  • Aubergine Sailing

    Aubergine Sailing

  • Midnight Sky

    Midnight Sky

Duncan MacGregor

Duncan MacGregor

Born in 1961, Duncan grew up in the Midlands. Despite living so far inland, he managed to develop a passion for the sea, and spent a highly significant eighteen months sailing across the Atlantic and then around the coast of Britain. He now lives in a beautiful part of Norfolk.

Taking his inspiration from the surrounding landscape and of course the sea, Duncan is particularly fascinated by the effects of natural light on colour. His distinctive palette conveys the cool yet vibrant shades of sea and sky as they appear to his artist’s eye. Verging on the abstract, his work is characterised by the dense application of richly textured acrylics, which create a sense of spontaneity and unstoppable energy.

Since turning professional, Duncan has enjoyed considerable success across the UK, displaying his work in both galleries and private collections.

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